How it works ? And easily you can exchange your old jewellery

Visit the nearest Saravana Stores Elite Pvt. Ltd with your old Jewellery

If you are looking to add new jewellery styles, get your old gold jewellery and visit the nearest Saravana Stores Elite Pvt. Ltd to exchange.

step 1
Find out the market price of your old jewellery

Visit any Saravana Stores Elite Pvt. Ltd to get your old gold Jewellery apprised and valued. Talk to our experts to determine the market value of your Jewellery and make informed decisions without any hidden costs.

step 2
Valuation and action based on the market value

Once your jewellery is examined and the exact value is determined, our experts can guide you to make the most profitable decision. Our focus is to help you consider all available options that add value to your purchase.

step 3
Pick your favorite piece from the grand collections

Explore our collection and pick your favorite one. The experts at our stores will take care of billing and every other paperwork while you shop to your heart’s content!

step 4

Calculate by Karat


Old gold Exchange value is

(This is Approximate Net Gold Value only )